Saturday, June 5, 2010


I gave you the purest of me..You asked me to trust you. See my love was real i guess yours was fake because i would have never do like that or pushed you away. You have no idea how much I have cried asking the god why my heart, why did you break me in half this pain that consumes me and won't let me think . Don't worry about saying sorry or you wish me the best.. Don't think that I will cry forever..I love myself too much ..But yes know this you hurt me soooo Damn much.
You knock on the door & seem so sincere. Slowly convince me to open the door. Eventually I allowed you into take a sit. You did not stay long..Disappearing as sudden as u've appear.I opened the door, allowing myself to be vulnerable, believing that you'll protect me & shelter me from reality, but instead, the one that I entrusted my heart & soul was the one that hurt me the most.

How come i never noticed, how come i couldn't see, that you were changing your mind, the way you felt about me.We could of worked it out..You tried to tell me nicely, but my heart just tore apart, as i let out a sigh. i held my tears i began to walk away, when people asked what happened, i had nothing else to say, except "ï wanna be alone, and i don't wanna talk," so i went around the corner, and went for a little walk. i decided to sit down, as i felt my eyes go red, i gazed at the floor, in my hands i held my head. The tears poured down my face, as i asked myself why,why did it happen, why did he lie. I didn't wanna believe it, yet i knew it was so true, that we were definitely over..

you're once a dream that came true,an illusion that turned to reality,but suddenly, things turned differently..the way they used to be.until such time i have no choice but to let you go ..


  1. sis.. xmo sedey2 ye ;(

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  2. hehe xpela dik..sis an kuat..hehe da biase da bnde2 cmni..hehe..da follow da dik=')